Why There Are So Many Car Auction Sites Now

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Bring a Trailer, Cars \u0026 Bids and Rad For Sale are just a few of the many niche car enthusiast focused auction sites that have gained huge popularity over the last few years, prompting praise and criticism from all over the car world. The upsides to these marketplaces are obvious: easy access to great cars, curated listings, and quick responses from sellers. But what are the downsides? Why are people apprehensive about these auction sites, and are they right to be?

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Mandy Quinn
Mandy Quinn Prieš 26 dienų
Had a blast writing “Camo Hat” for y’all. Now go and getchu one! 🤠
Mandy Quinn
Mandy Quinn Prieš 23 dienas
Thank you for all of the love on "Camo Hat"! I’m so glad y’all are digging it & singing along. Here’s my super serious rendition which definitely sounds nothing like the demo I sent James lol. ltlost.info/put/vaizdo-ra-as/aoWfztB9gcinmaw
Bw Bacon
Bw Bacon Prieš 24 dienas
I think you and James could have a side gig! Well done!
Sounds more like .money laundering for the BMW.
Scott Schroeder
Scott Schroeder Prieš 25 dienų
Please release a separate video with the song!!! I loved it!
Mensah Motorsports
Mensah Motorsports Prieš 25 dienų
That was hilarious
T3DST3RS Prieš 22 val
DaDdY dOnE
Andrew Renner
Andrew Renner Prieš 5 dienų
I am trying to snag and E36 M3, but these price hikes are killing me!
QuantumS1ngularity Prieš 6 dienų
Well, on both ends of the spectrum there are upside and downsides for both the buyer and the seller. The legitimate bidding sites, which require you to provide extensive history and pictures of the car inadvertently steer the price. Depending on the condition of your car as a seller, you might be pleasantly surprised and get much more than expected or being slammed in the ground by the "enthusiast" for some minor issues normal car buyer won't make a big deal out of. And then we have the more risky sites. Depending on how good your research and navigation skills are "high risk, high rewards" might be true or myth for you. Those sites are usually used either by car thieves and dealer to get rid of hot cars or by people who know next to nothing about cars including their value. Some of the sketchiest offers might be your lottery winner. I mean a friend of mine bought a late 90s (think it was 1998) BMW 850Ci for €5000 and the only things wrong with it were the differential and the worn leather interior. Not even €2000 invested and he now has a pristine 850Ci. When we went to get the car we found out that the seller was a woman, divorcing her sailor husband and the thing she was tired of other than being cheated on, was this "old shitbox" dripping oil and making mess in her garage. There were 3 pictures of the car all dirty and nasty (haven't been moved for a while). One from the front, one from the back with the huge oil spot on the ground and one from inside with the dustiest, most worn leather interior you could imagine (no tearings though). In the description there was added that "the car starts, but doesn't drive. Makes weird noises and rattles when tries to move". She couldn't be bother with delivering more info and was asking for €3999 starting price with the bold text "NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS". My guy was basically the 3rd and final offer of €5000 and well now people wanna buy it from him for 10 times that. Forgot to mention, initially the car didn't have any badges and was listed as 840i, cause she had no clue what model it was, she knew only it was old and some friend of hers showed her a picture of an 840i, so that's how she thought it's the same car. Never even occurred to her to check the documents. Somehow my guy noticed it wasn't an 840 but an 850, but even him expected 850i and not a Ci and not that later year. LAter turned out that the husband was actually taking good care of the car, but since the last time he drove it (14 months prior to that event), the diff developed a leak and was grinding, so that's why he parked it with the intention to repair everything once he gets back from the ship. Little that he knew how his wife would find out about his girlfriend and.. well you can imagine the rest.
KAsAP Bandy
KAsAP Bandy Prieš 7 dienų
These are scammy as hell, I worked for one, it ruined my life. It’s all startup crap, no trust and no transparency 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬🤫🤫🤫🤫
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Prieš 8 dienų
Last month a Championship White Integra Type R sold for $51K on BAT... Seller went out for one last drive and ended up totaling the car 😢
Sbx Dotcom
Sbx Dotcom Prieš 8 dienų
Marry me Nolan ❤️💍
Frejdyn Jarrett
Frejdyn Jarrett Prieš 9 dienų
Bought sw20 turbo on eBay while I was on deployment. It arrived, I had it rebuilt immediately 😂. Haven't done online auctions since
Tim vanderboom
Tim vanderboom Prieš 9 dienų
Liked and subbed with notifications. You guys make my day, Thanks.
Metroplex Prieš 10 dienų
14:12 don't forget the 4th reason: It's in a famous movie/show (like the AE86 being in Initial D)
Louis Muskat
Louis Muskat Prieš 10 dienų
When the ad is is the funniest part of the video
Drone Strike
Drone Strike Prieš 11 dienų
BaT has some of the most arrogant judgmental users. I swear they're like the Karens of the car buying world.
Dinkasaurus Prieš 11 dienų
very interesting about the e30 m3. i followed that auction live but i had no idea about the aftermath. i'm a bmw fan so it makes me happy to see the OG m3 pull such insane collector money, but they're not all worth that much. it's important to remember that the one you talked about was like THE pristine ultimate garage queen for a 30+ year old car. also would've been good to mention that another one sold for $256k not long after the first one which was also super low mileage and an evo2 iirc. most e30 m3s won't go for more than like 60k. we're just seeing the super duper nice examples on BAT. i know that was just one small part of the video but i wanted to give my 2 cents. nice vid!
Mintz Garage
Mintz Garage Prieš 12 dienų
That Omaze commercial was hands down the funniest get 😂
Nasty Rex
Nasty Rex Prieš 12 dienų
Lol the captions say "up in that blonde" instead of blind at the end
Matthew Boxberger
Matthew Boxberger Prieš 12 dienų
My friend flipped a car and made $3,000 on FB marketplace. In many experiences, that is where the deals are from what I've heard.
Ayden Stiefferman
Ayden Stiefferman Prieš 13 dienų
When's the Camo Hat single dropping?
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil Prieš 14 dienų
Auctions are just a scam!
Galvatorrix Prieš 15 dienų
Taylor Bertrim
Taylor Bertrim Prieš 15 dienų
Omg that Camo Hat video... I need to share that!
Pedro Martins Gomes
Pedro Martins Gomes Prieš 15 dienų
Please guys, you should subtitle your videos in more languages. Im always wanting to share these with my car oriented (?)friends but most of them don't know much English Pleeeeease?
Mr.PourTheMilkFirst Prieš 15 dienų
So basically people are scared of economics and inflation.
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez Prieš 15 dienų
This is the only channel that I don’t skip their ads
Crisss Sontay
Crisss Sontay Prieš 16 dienų
The elated motorcycle contradictorily accept because advertisement mechanically worry towards a well-to-do chess. unwieldy, versed dungeon
Jared Prieš 16 dienų
Lmao the camo song
Account that I'll use to comment
Account that I'll use to comment Prieš 16 dienų
I got an online car auction ad -_-
DawsonEdiger Prieš 17 dienų
Thanks for the long ad
buzz shavinutts
buzz shavinutts Prieš 18 dienų
camo hat - brought to you by donut, the kentucky cobra, and racism....
Optipotamus Prieš 19 dienų
Damn that was a catchy commercial 😂
Thom Van Dam
Thom Van Dam Prieš 19 dienų
I think the story about spyker and saab would be a interesting one.
Tom Hoying
Tom Hoying Prieš 19 dienų
those reality check graphics tho lol
Richard Worae
Richard Worae Prieš 19 dienų
camo hat full song plz
Frederick John Teng
Frederick John Teng Prieš 19 dienų
You should checkout the Sakbayan in the Philippines based on VW County Buggy. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Country_Buggy It was a project of Ferdinand Marcos as I remember
Deejay Mercado
Deejay Mercado Prieš 19 dienų
I sold my BRAT on Rad for Sale and the buyer and I are very happy with the experience. I got to sell my truck for a pretty fair price and the buyer bought his dream midlife crisis car.
Kirin Earl Lee
Kirin Earl Lee Prieš 19 dienų
Oooo look at Nolan bragging about having a Dad and functional relationships... #FindJamesPumpherySnr
Treima .S
Treima .S Prieš 19 dienų
5:23 best
alimechs Prieš 19 dienų
I think omaze is also a scam.
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas Prieš 20 dienų
C-A-M-O-H-A-T!!! That song was sick!!!James Killed it!!! 🇺🇸🎤👍🤣
Evan Swift
Evan Swift Prieš 20 dienų
Is Money Laundering a potential explanation for the BMW?
Fawad Alam
Fawad Alam Prieš 20 dienų
I love how there's a mid-roll ad in the middle of the Omaze ad. Very nice
Sandal God
Sandal God Prieš 20 dienų
Nolan dont talk about gto's until i buy one. Youre giving them attention
Foreclosure Of A Dream Urbex
Foreclosure Of A Dream Urbex Prieš 20 dienų
Reuben the animator
Reuben the animator Prieš 21 dieną
The jurassic park sequel be looking legit tho.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Prieš 21 dieną
Because its like having a LTlost channel, everyone wants to have attention so they do this. 🤔
Phillip Salazar
Phillip Salazar Prieš 21 dieną
Liking the video for the camo hat hahahahaha
Breijsø 09
Breijsø 09 Prieš 22 dienas
17:32 banging song
Rémi Chaboud
Rémi Chaboud Prieš 22 dienas
Very cool video, same phenomenon here in France !
Bryan Morrison
Bryan Morrison Prieš 22 dienas
8:10 is that the next money pit? I mean it is definitely a BMW. But was that the hint
Blaide Hemley
Blaide Hemley Prieš 22 dienas
17:32 thank me later
devon esq.
devon esq. Prieš 22 dienas
i actually feel bad now, i loved 80's hot hatches and those sweet 90's japanese cars, and im always looking at them, and the price just shatters my heart everytime
devon esq.
devon esq. Prieš 22 dienas
the closest ill get to that is my current car, a 1991 saab 900, its a great car, but it aint no rx7
Nils Christian Halvorsen
Nils Christian Halvorsen Prieš 23 dienas
i cant describe how cool you guys make your advertisements. like literally, i do appreciate the fact that you have a progress bar at the bottom, but wtf you guys really go out of your way to make THE BEST ADVERTISEMENTS i have seen. d.a.m.n.
Dagmawe Checol
Dagmawe Checol Prieš 23 dienas
What an ad
Justin Taber
Justin Taber Prieš 23 dienas
I just bought a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Fahrenheit from action a few months ago and I have to say it was not a pleasant to be honest. After I won the auction and followed what to do they said I never paid for it even tho the money was gone from my bank account and then there was many issues with the shipper the auction site assigned me. Personally I don’t think I would go through an action again unless it’s a car I had to have. Also you guys my favorite LTlost channel and I love watching your videos with the quality content and comedy from everyone at donut.
Justin Taber
Justin Taber Prieš 23 dienas
I hope they see this because it would make my day.
Arvin David
Arvin David Prieš 23 dienas
doge coin i got it man 00:16
Kevin B
Kevin B Prieš 23 dienas
dodge spirit 3.0 best damn car for the money
Antonio Little
Antonio Little Prieš 23 dienas
I bought a few cars from auctions (none of which were cool) and overall, I've had good experiences. The first was a '98 Taurus - $650 purchase price, I changed the spark plugs and wires and she ran like a dream. 2nd was an '01 Volvo S80 who ran fine, but needed work and was too expensive to properly repair on my 27yr old salary 3rd was another Taurus - 2002 this time, that ran decently, but did this weird thing where it would randomly throw itself into 2nd gear and just lock in place - while being driven
Robert Fail
Robert Fail Prieš 23 dienas
Bring a Trailer my ass; have you seen the prices?? Should be Bring Your Butler.....
Sean Moyer
Sean Moyer Prieš 23 dienas
I'ma gete some Buff Horses, Boost Creeps, and Donut Camo hats going on real soon. Just as soon as I have a license and car again 😬 yall know how it is. Unless you're not... DRIVERS.
Stephen Dumore
Stephen Dumore Prieš 23 dienas
I bought a salvage title FR-S from Copart. The buying process was pretty straight forward and the car came looking pretty much like it did in the auction and inspection photos. When I took the rear bumper off to work on it I saw that the rear crash bar was dented pretty bad (probably from the car getting rear ended) so I had to replace it. I bought a VIN report before buying the car and there were no accident records other than the accident that totaled it so they must have kept it off the insurance, but that's something that could happen with any used car. If you buy a used car definitely make sure all the safety stuff is in check.
rain Santiago
rain Santiago Prieš 17 dienų
Copart is a great place to buy deals if you know what your getting into. Rear ends are usually the good buys as repairs like you said are straightforward process
ARIEL GOLD Prieš 23 dienas
James went from the hottest rapper to great country singer
Gene Long
Gene Long Prieš 23 dienas
I so enjoy you guys
Anthony Santucci
Anthony Santucci Prieš 23 dienas
"accidentally" bought a car on eBay, way back when it was an actual auction site. Placed a bid before I went to bed, and ended up winning. Went to pick it up 10 hours away. I discovered the black tape covering the ABS light on the ride home. $1400 BPMV.. Seller made it right though at the end of the day, and I had that car for quite a few years.
jake palmer
jake palmer Prieš 23 dienas
Shout out to the ska music on the outro 😂
Jaakko Pöntinen
Jaakko Pöntinen Prieš 23 dienas
Cars and bidsssssssss
Lukas Novikas
Lukas Novikas Prieš 23 dienas
17:41 Edit: Camo Hat Edit 2: C-A-M-O H-A-T
SRTabc123 Prieš 23 dienas
Bought my 73 camaro on eBay 10 years ago. Guy didn’t put a reserve and right as I was going to win he cancelled the auction and re-listed it with a reserve but set it low. I ended up bidding again and winning the car for less than the first auction.
Noah Rosenheck
Noah Rosenheck Prieš 23 dienas
> hard earned > dogecoin pick one
comeberza Prieš 23 dienas
What I find ironic about speculation is that the same people who think it kills the car hobby and that prices are too high and the same reselling their civics for a gt86 for more money that they paid for them. Its the combonation of speculation and passion what keeps old beaten m3 running like new, some buy them and take care to enjoy them and others buy them and pay a professional to repair it and store it for a profit, it is never bad because the ultimate buyer is the one who truly wants it and was willing to pay the full price. Id love to but the cap and have it constantly wispering the song in my ears
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Prieš 23 dienas
Best donut merch plug yet!
Arron Daly
Arron Daly Prieš 23 dienas
My first car was bought just before it went to auction, an Australian built ae85 for $550 completely stock and excellent condition for at the time a 17 year old car. I still have the reciept for the car and that was back in 2001. Unfortunately i don't have the car anymore and my love started for the ae85/86 started then, before initial d took over the world and made ae85/86s worth 50x more than they as a car are actually worth
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum Prieš 23 dienas
Yup I am gonna do make it for few months and then import a rhd corvette c8 from usa and some awsome cars to India and also one with to say can you make me a corvette c7 vs c8 clip art
Isaac Mixon
Isaac Mixon Prieš 23 dienas
The Camo Hat ad is amazing.
David A. Moore
David A. Moore Prieš 23 dienas
Wasn’t expecting the music video at the end. Camo hat. Lol
Harry Conger
Harry Conger Prieš 23 dienas
I bought my STI wagon on BAT in December. I’m prepping her to sell on cars and bids sometime this summer. I had a good experience. It was scary but what a rush! Could have done without the $1k commission tho 🤑
John CRocker
John CRocker Prieš 23 dienas
Just been watching your story about American police cars ,a-big point you missed the Chevy cars they used up until 2017 ,cannot remember what year they started where actually built in Australia by Holden they where Holden , CALAIS ,STATESMAN OR CAPRICE .
Dave Franco
Dave Franco Prieš 24 dienas
That commercial was 🔥
Jacob Larsen
Jacob Larsen Prieš 24 dienas
The Kentucky Cobra should really record a country album. That performance was spot on.
1upSTARS Prieš 24 dienas
Camo Hat!!!!
Liquid Mercury
Liquid Mercury Prieš 24 dienas
I bought a 1984 Subaru gl wagon at an in-person auction a few months ago, bought it as a “locked car with no keys” but the hatch was unlocked and nobody else realized it. It also had 6 big old rusty pistons in a milk crate in the back (I guess nobody realized it was a 4 cylinder and the pistons weren’t that big). Won the car for $250, towed it home, found the key in the ashtray, and got it to start on starter fluid. The car hasn’t been registered since 2007 but somehow still cranked up. Just bought a fuel pump and I’m cleaning the carb soon, after that we can see if she runs on her own. If it will then I’m getting new tires since the old ones are literally ripping apart from being so old. One of the best parts is that I have paperwork from the auction to get a new title, so if everything goes right then I’ll have a running and driving 1984 Subaru wagon with a clean title for only $250 plus the cost of new tires, the fuel pump, and title costs. On a side note the car also had an original ww2 willys jeep radiator, an extension cord, and some light fixtures in the back so selling those might help recoup a little money. Overall I’d say I got super lucky and I’m very appreciative.
Kadek Wira
Kadek Wira Prieš 24 dienas
11:15 in my country,this called "menggoreng harga" or Price Bait using influencer to jack up the particular Car Price
RandomlySet Prieš 24 dienas
Wow! Just commented on latest money pit episode (fuel pump) about having so youtube ads AND in video ads. If you have in video ads (omaze) then turn off LTlost ads. This one was so bad the LTlost ad played mid way through the in video omaze ad! Sort it out guys.
Ravinder Kumar Gurain
Ravinder Kumar Gurain Prieš 24 dienas
The curvy turtle holly enter because van kelly remind next a unarmed textbook. thick, cautious sausage
redwolfe 29
redwolfe 29 Prieš 24 dienas
James is the new music star
Buddy Cooper
Buddy Cooper Prieš 24 dienas
eBay is the big dog and much safer than these screwball auction sites.
Buddy Cooper
Buddy Cooper Prieš 24 dienas
If they can't provide a detailed video don't buy it.
bootska Prieš 24 dienas
I need a full Camo Hat cut.
kawasjt Prieš 24 dienas
16:05 $10K for a CT70, holy shit people have gone insane
NVW SSV Prieš 24 dienas
not listing ebay (later ebay motors) as the original car auction site was a pretty big fuggin miss brah.
Rob Ghaderi
Rob Ghaderi Prieš 24 dienas
That hat ad was the best thing I've seen in a while.
Nils Seppanen
Nils Seppanen Prieš 24 dienas
Why don't you make a video explaining why there is so many raffles like omaze or prime driven.
Kvnq Hawk
Kvnq Hawk Prieš 24 dienas
This video was like a tv show episode, well done!
Souheib Prieš 24 dienas
The add was so good I feel like the video was just an add for it. It was so good
Fletcher Boots
Fletcher Boots Prieš 24 dienas
The music video lol
Erik Mm
Erik Mm Prieš 24 dienas
is the music at 9:15 an osrs LTlostrs outro or something? it's used somewhere else for sure
Abdulaah Firas hasan
Abdulaah Firas hasan Prieš 24 dienas
My two cars i bought from auction one is a 2016 jeep cherokee on copart auction site and the second is a durango 2018 on IAAI auction website Before the durango i was bidding on mustangs (ecoboost) camaros and challengers never got lucky with any if those especially when my final bid on a 2018 mustang is 8600$ and the car got sold for 8800$ Btw i still had to transfer the money to the company and then ship the car to my country 🇮🇶 iraq and probably fux something with the car Was a good expierence never gonna do it again
James Goldsworthy
James Goldsworthy Prieš 24 dienas
The camo hat song is golden 😂
Clayton Hardy
Clayton Hardy Prieš 24 dienas
can I get a daddy doug time stamp and the ad for the hat was the best!
I Am Fernando
I Am Fernando Prieš 24 dienas
Why are there so many cars being given away for charities
Simple man
Simple man Prieš 24 dienas
I have bought car and campers from eBay, only sold on Craigslist.
Tillery Innovations
Tillery Innovations Prieš 24 dienas
Apparently, people like overpaying on their cars.
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